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It’s so inspiring to see the light return to people’s eyes, to see them walk tall, and experience positive change.

I wrote the book because I witnessed the power of exercise in helping people build self-esteem, confidence, health and happiness. Frankly, some of the people I worked with were so damaged, I thought they didn’t have much of a chance. Boy, did they prove me wrong!

Almost every day, someone tells me how easy the book is to read, how it makes sense and how they have been motivated to get off their butts and do more for their recovery…and their health.

It’s humbling and I do feel as though I was guided throughout. Thank you everyone…These things don’t get done alone. For your help, I am eternally grateful.

Rebalancing the Addictive Mind

Lisa – Washington, DC

Shelley Poerio has written a wonderful book that helped me understand addiction and recovery. It is well written and full of excellent examples of steps that are necessary for healing. Poerio is intelligent, compassionate, and full of wisdom. I give her book my highest recommendation.

Marilynn – CA

I cried through the first chapter of this book as Rochelle Poerio told her story, because it told my story, too. I cried remembering the pain and loneliness, just as Poerio described. It’s a pain to which all recovering addicts can relate.

In the chapters that follow, Poerio provides insight about lasting recovery and guidance to help us deal with the underlying issues that caused many of us to become addicts in the first place.

I learned in my recovery that many are called but few are chosen, and I’m grateful to be one of the “chosen,” able to tell my story to others in the hopes of helping them become free. I’m grateful that Rochelle Poerio told hers, too, in such a moving and meaningful way.

Today, I’ve got five years’ sobriety, but I want to improve my overall physical and mental health, too, to help me live better and stay sober. This book is just what I needed to get motivated.

Cowboy – CA

“Rebalancing The Addictive Mind” is a very impressive book on many levels. The short review is: this is an excellent book with five star rating for readability, writing, content and relevance to everyone, not just recovering addicts and counselors.

After citing the effects on the biology of the brain of both ‘using’ and exercising, the author presents an easy to follow life regime of exercise and nutrition. She explains in understandable terms the rationale of why the brain and body demand each step.

Ms Poerio also introduces the idea of “small wins”. Take a step, no matter how small, to start the road to accomplishment. Each step, or “win” eventually brings you to the goal. This idea is certainly applicable to not only recovery but life in general.

From the riveting first chapter to the relevant anecdotes, to slight hints of humor, one admires the author for coming from her worst nightmare to a successful place where her intent is to help those facing the same the same type of difficulty. This is not someone theorizing — this is someone who has ‘walked the walk’. That circumstance encourages one to believe he or she can do the same with hard work and persistence.

Hers is an admirable journey and choice of endeavor.

There is one phrase from the book that stays in my mind: “Exercise and movement are critical to healing and maintaing a healthy brain and body.”

Beth –

I love this book. It is helpful in my personal recovery and I’m going to use the ideas in my substance abuse group at work. Great Job Rochelle!

Cindy – Counselor, Las Vegas, NV

I love your book! Only a third of the way through, but love your writing style and such great information!

Angela – Counselor, Arlington, VA

Great information! I’m going to have all of my clients read this book.

Karl – Alexandria, VA

This will help a lot of people. Great job.

Amy – Las Vegas, NV

If you know anyone who has a personal addiction and wants to get help, this is a great book. It teaches you how to rebalance your addictive mind through exercise & nutrition. Easy to read, finished the day I bought it. I highly recommend.

Name Withheld – CA

I ordered your book on my kindle, read it over the weekend. Loved it! I have been on our county’s Drug Court Team for the past 4 years as one of my duties as a parole officer. Your book gave me so much great information to use with our participants.

M. Miller –

Excellent book. Highly readable, amazingly informative. The first-hand stories are both touching and inspiring. Now I understand much more clearly both the addictive process and how to get–and stay!–healthy and in emotional balance. Really an outstanding guide. I recommend it most highly to addicts, addicts’ families, clinicians and physicians. This approach really needs to be implemented across the board. It could clearly help so many. It has certainly helped me up my own fitness program! I strongly recommend this book–5 stars.

Tom – Cleveland, OH

This book should be read by addicts and those who work with addicts. I was addicted to cigarettes, and I traded smoking for jogging almost 40 years ago. I completely lost the need for smoking by trading that unhealthy habit for a healthy one. It never occurred to me that this could work for abusers of other drugs, but this author has seen much success for helping those hooked on drugs and alcohol using exercise and other simple techniques. I highly recommend it.

SeekingPeace –

Thank you, Rochelle! This is truly a gift to those of us who have a loved one facing addiction. This book offers concrete examples of what can help people stay on the path to recovery, and also gives insights about what people in recovery face. Your candor about your own trials and your success are an inspiration. This book offers hope, understanding, and a method for heading toward health *right now* that is very straightforward. This is a must for anyone touched by addiction.


An outstanding and comprehensive approach to understanding and managing the effects of addiction. We all remember how great we felt when we were young and active. This book helps one understand not only why we felt great when we exercised, but it also explains the tremendous benefit in the rehab and recovery process. Thank you for this fresh approach!

Pete – CA

I am a lover of stories. Telling ‘em and hearing them. Consequently my favorite parts of your book are the stories you share. I could read a lot more of that. A lot. Both your personal experiences and the experiences you had working with others. That part really grabbed me. Those stories bring the abstract ideas you present and frame them in the real world perfectly.

Helga C. –

Well written, easy to read, and a “self help” book I had difficulty putting down. The author shares her own experiences with insight and sensitivity. As a health care professional that prescribes exercise and must educate the public on the benefits, it was refreshing and enlightening to learn about the impact of exercise on the addictive mind.